Ivrit Update

All groups follow the same vocabulary topic every two weeks, with variations and differentiation of how much and how fluently each group learns. We have included the vocabulary list for the next two weeks below for your curiosity. We do not expect students to practice this vocabulary at home, this is simply to keep you in the loop and share the learning.

Below, you can find a short summary of what each group may be focusing on during this two week learning block.


  • Letters Alef-Ayin (first 18 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet)

  • Two or more words from the nature unit


  • Letters Kaf, Chaf, Final Chaf, Lamed, Mem, Nun

  • Four or more words from the nature unit


  • Reading short words

  • Six or more words from the nature unit


  • Reading the “Barchu” blessing fluently (with confidence)

  • 12 words from the nature vocab list

  • Comparisons in Hebrew (example: The tree is bigger than the flower.)

Did you know?

The Advanced group gets to practice conversational Hebrew fluency and circumlocution with our native-Hebrew-speaking Shinshin (Israeli Scout), Itay, on Thursdays.