We’re Hiring!

The JKG team is re-imagining Jewish education and how and who it impacts, and it's a really fun place to work. The team includes program directors, teachers, and specialty staff who all support one another as they grow as a team and individually. We encourage continued learning and professional development, and empower team members to channel their talents and interests into their work. Learn more about us here.


Before you apply:

Please, spend some time on our website. Learn more about our team, visit our Afterschool & Sunday blogs, and check out all the national coverage we've received. We love to work with people who buy-in to the JKG mission. So get to know us, and see if you think you might be a good fit. Just so you know, we value:

  • Active, hands-on, experiential learning 

  • Jewish friendships and social networks

  • Celebrating Judaism and Jewish holidays

  • A fun, camp-like environment

  • Energetic, role-model-worthy team members

Sunday Positions

JKG Sunday Job Opportunities

JKG Sunday Floater Teacher or Floater Assistant Teacher

Fills in the role they are needed most any given week, either as Teacher (teaching the weekly Sunday lesson) or Assistant Teacher (helping to facilitate the weekly Sunday lessons). Floater Teacher $22 per hour / Floater Assistant Teacher $12 per hour. Floaters are placed every Sunday.

JKG Sunday Substitute Teacher

Reviews and executes weekly Sunday lessons that align with pre-set age-appropriate learning goals in a fun, experiential, and interactive way. Age-appropriate and experiential lessons are provided for each class day. Substitute Lead Teacher $25 per hour / Substitute Assistant Teacher $15 per hour. Substitutes are not placed every Sunday, but rather reached out to when there is a need.

Details for all Sunday Positions:

Position Types: Hourly (see specific rates for each position above)
Dates:  26 Sundays per year, from August to May (calendar here)
Hours: 8:30am – 12:30pm
Ages Served: Preschool (2.5 years old) through 7th Grade
Locations: Dunwoody, Old Fourth Ward, and Brookhaven

Afterschool Positions

Afterschool Community Job Opportunities

Specialized Teaching Assistant

JKG is seeking an individual who has experience or is willing to be trained to work with individuals with behavioral challenges. This position is perfect for an individual with career goals in special education. You will be providing emotional and behavioral support in an informal and formal academic setting and will be part of a team with a Special Education teacher as your mentor. Your role will be providing services in the JKG Brookhaven Afterschool program for three hours a day, five days a week, from 2:30pm-6:00pm.


  • Develop and implement behavior goals with support from the lead teacher 

  • Implementation of behavior management system

  • Provide documentation as required


  • Knowledge or interest in learning about behavior management, Autism, and children who have different abilities

  • Experience with working with children preferred

  • Transportation to and from JKG Brookhaven location

Job Type: Part-time
Rate: Hourly, $10-$12 per hour
Language: English
Location: JKG Afterschool in Brookhaven

Afterschool Community Teacher

The JKG Afterschool Community is a completely unique place for kids to play and learn. We offer the services of a premium afterschool program with a full, experiential Hebrew school curriculum. We are, as our name implies, a joyful Jewish community. This will inform the way you execute all of your duties as a JKG teacher. 

JKG Afterschool Community Teachers:

  • Plan meaningful, engaging activities that reflect specific learning goals. You’ll have the JKG Curriculum Map to guide you, and you'll be surrounded by a smart and inspiring group of peer educators.

  • Create and facilitate Hebrew lessons through games, activities, and movement.

  • Run the show in homeroom, homework time, and playground time.

  • Complete tasks under the direction of the Afterschool Community Director. Among them:

    • Document lesson plans

    • Participate in monthly staff meetings and collaborative teacher planning meetings 

    • Attend holiday celebrations and promotional events (such as open houses, festival booths, etc.)

    • Play active role in daily preparation

    • Drive the JKG van daily to pick up students from local schools

Position Details: Hourly, Monday-Thursday, 12:30pm-6:15pm and Friday 12:30pm-5:15pm (exact days depending on location)
Grades Served: PreK-5th grade
Rate: Hourly, $20 per hour
Locations: JKG Afterschool in Morningside and JKG Afterschool in Brookhaven

Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Positions

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with JKG! We offer a range of volunteer opportunities to fit your schedule and interest. Check out positions listed below, then fill out this quick form and a JKG team member will be in touch.


Assistant Teacher

How you will contribute to JKG: Assist lead teacher in any classroom needs (including, but not limited to, one-on-one student help, prepping a classroom activity, running an activity, playing games with students, helping with any individual child needs, providing extra attention and assistance to specific students, reporting on significant incidences, etc.)

Specialty Teacher

How you will contribute to JKG: Do you have a special skill? We love offering unique learning opportunities to our students. Your skill set and generosity will allow us to expose our students to diverse educational programming.

  • Seeking Specialty Teacher Volunteers In the Areas of:

    • Drama

    • Yoga

    • Jewish History and Storytelling

    • Cooking and Baking

    • Sports

    • Music

    • Have a different talent? We would love to hear from you!

Specialized Assistant Teacher

How you will contribute to JKG: Assist assigned students who require extra support to navigate through the JKG day. Responsibilities and expectations are set by the student’s family and will be communicated by the Director to the Specialized Assistant Teacher.

Shira Leader (song leader)

How you will contribute to JKG: Lead JKG students in shira time which includes singing songs, dancing, and whole group learning about Jewish holidays. Preferred that you play an instrument, but definitely not required!

JKG Jr Teacher

How you will contribute to JKG: Setup the classroom and follow JKG Jr. lesson plans to conduct the program with participants. Lead session for the parent-and-child participants through singing songs and guiding the activity stations. Clean up classroom after program each Sunday.

Guest Reader

How you will contribute to JKG: facilitating an interactive story-time with JKG students, engaging JKG students in new and exciting ways.


Lesson Planner (remote):

How you will contribute to JKG: Create and/or revise JKG’s preschool to 7th grade lessons in Judaics and/or Hebrew.  

Special Events

How you will contribute to JKG: helping JKG staff members plan and execute special events like our B’nei Mitzvah ceremony and Shabbatlucks.

JKG Ambassador

How you will contribute to JKG: recruiting new people to join the JKG family and representing JKG around the Atlanta area