Neshama Littman



As JKG Sunday Families Director, Neshama manages our growing cohort of JKG Sunday families and students. Neshama grew up in an interfaith family in Washington, DC and rural North Carolina. They are deeply connected to the Southern Appalachian mountains through lifelong involvement in Camp Celo, a Quaker camp on a working farm. Neshama holds a BA in Music from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Neshama taught 3rd grade and JKG Jr. at JKG Sunday last year, and is starting their second year running the JKG B’nei Mitzvah Program. Neshama is proud to be a genderqueer Jewish lesbian, and uses they/them pronouns. They are passionate about schmoozing with amazing JKG families, using Jewish ritual for political action, and reading traditional Jewish texts through a queer lens.

They can be reached at

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